• Mobile or Phone no
  • Closest city
  • Monthly net income R15,000 or more
  • *terms and conditions apply

    *Monthly instalments from R5000


  • terms and conditions apply


Rent to Own or Rent to Buy is simply renting a vehicle monthly over a certain period instead of financing it through a bank. Rent to Own offers the option to purchase it at the end of your rental period. It means no bank loans or crazy credit checks, just a quick and easy alternative to all the red tape that comes with financing a vehicle.

Our Mad deals include a brand-new car for 24 months, which come with comprehensive insurance, full vehicle tracking, roadside assistance and full vehicle maintenance. And the best part? At the end of the rental period you have the option to buy the vehicle!

A startup fee, as well as a set monthly rental amount.

You have three options:

  • Buy a car at a pre-determined rent-to-own value determined on the rentals paid, we can even assist with finance
  • Bring the car back with no additional costs
  • Start a new rental agreement and get a brand-new car!

How Does Madrent Work?